Terms of Service


I. Use of website and apps

By visiting this website, you acknowledge that

  1. Chick Lifts has not required any subscription nor fees for use by the general public;
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  3. any information provided by you or your internet service provider may be logged for data analysis purposes by Chick Lifts, subject to our Privacy Policy;
  4. referrals to Chick Lifts' website by other parties are made at the discretion of said parties, and are not required by law nor solicitation to do so.


II. Good customer standing

By confirming a purchase from Chick Lifts, you acknowledge that

  • all information volunteered during the registration and checkout process is appropriate and accurate;
  • Chick Lifts may contact you via telephone, text message, or email, for the purpose of discussing your registration or order only, and will not solicit other products nor share your information;
  • you have reviewed the order before confirming, and have no intention to interrupt the transaction; 
  • any issues you experience while using Chick Lifts' website or products will be directed to Chick Lifts for satisfaction, prior to any other means of resolution. 


III. Limitations of liability

All products available from Chick Lifts are purchased at the discretion of the consumer. Chick Lifts will not accept liability for any injury nor property damage from misuse or improper installation of Chick Lifts products.